About the Artist

Labrie Glass was the impetus of Paul Labrie, a self-taught artist who honed his eye for capturing nature, while studying oceanography at Humboldt State in the mid-70s. During this time, glass was fast becoming a popular and revered medium within the artisan community. Realizing his talents lay in design and sculpture and enjoying glass as a means to bring his skills to the marketplace, Paul turned to lampworking full-time in 1981 and established Labrie Glass at the age of 24. While small sculptures initially served as the crux of Labrie Glass’ offerings, Paul continually strove to create increasingly sophisticated pieces that were bolder and larger in scale—all without sacrificing the attention to detail or quality workmanship that had become his benchmark.

Within the first three years of full-time work, Paul's realistic aquatic and animal-life designs and modern sculptures fast became some of the largest and most accurate of their time. As a result, his work began appearing at prominent galleries and art shows throughout the West and Mid-west in the mid-80s. Over time, Paul expanded his offerings to include a corporate gift line for leading companies including Merril Lynch, Vermeer Manufacturing, San Jose City Ballet co. These sculptures, which varied in subject matter and scale, continuously challenged Paul’s strength, creativity, stamina and kiln size.

Paul is also a skilled glass blower, mastering this medium by taking numerous courses at accredited academic institutions including San Jose State University (San Jose, Calif.), and Red Deer College (Alberta, Canada). His skills in this area were further refined after a stint at U.S. Fused Quartz Co. He subsequently went on to teach this craft at Red Deer College Alberta Canada. Along with numerous studio classes in glassblowing, casting, fusing, and lampworking.

Although Labrie Glass began exclusively with lampworking, the company—which is proudly embarking on its 26th year—has expanded its offerings to also include lathe work and glassblowing. With this variability of method and the availability of a wide range of stunning colors in both soft and borosilicate glasses, the company offers one of the finest collections of glass art. Further setting Paul’s creations apart from the competition is the accuracy, verve and originality that has become the Labrie Glass hallmark.

On a personal note, as the father of three beautiful girls, and husband to an incredibly supportive wife, Paul has never stopped in his quest to support his family—while at the same time remaining steadfast in his commitment to raising the bar with the highest caliber glass artwork available today.



Artist Statement

There are numerous artists that illustrate life on a canvas; while others capture it through a camera lens. There are others, like me, who use glass as a medium for showcasing nature at its finest, or leverage it as a means to create modern pieces for today’s contemporary art enthusiasts and aficionados.

My work in glass has provided me with an outlet for expressing my creative side, while also affording me the opportunity to earn a living and raise my family. Though one can never truly master this complex medium, the satisfaction derived from the creative process is truly rewarding.

I am, as always, continuously amazed by my contemporaries who inspire and forever challenge me to push my limits and capabilities to new levels. Glass offers an ongoing and limitless series of possibilities, which I’m confident, will continue to test, yet excite and inspire me for many years to come.

Thanks to the many who came before, and for those now who continue to provide the motivation behind Labrie Glass’ continued success. ,

This web site was created by one of the greatest, most talented, and patient guys I know my brother Jacques, this would not have happened without you, thanks.

And  to my lovely sister Marie who without her talent at writing copy, I would be at a loss for words.